We’ll be honest: we weren’t mentally ready for the 2020 presidential race, seeing as the 2016 election dragged all the way into 2019 and some people still refuse to accept that Hillary Clinton lost.

But it’s looking to be a lot of fun. Now Joe Biden’s officially in the race, but his creepy hair-sniffing uncle routine might not play in 2020 as it did before the #MeToo movement kicked off. Bernie Sanders is a socialist, but a lot of Clinton die-hards still blame his fans for splitting the vote. And now there are almost two dozen candidates ranging from establishment centrists to out-and-out open borders socialists.

Just as the Republicans are split between the MAGA crowd and the Never Trumpers, the Democrats are split between the young guns and the establishment, and we’re here for it.

George Takei seems to recognize that the party has a unity problem, and he’s proposing that Democrats take a pledge not to speak negatively about any of the Democratic candidates.

Alyssa Milano’s on board.

Wow, these primary debates are going to be lit, with at least 20 people on stage all trying to win the nomination without saying anything negative about their opponents.

So, who’s up for the pledge?

There are at least 20 people competing for votes, and it is going to get ugly, and it will be awesome to watch.