We were given fair warning back in March: California Gov. Gavin Newsom said that if you want to see what Democrats will do once back in power, “look out west.” At what, the map compiling all reports of human feces on the sidewalks of San Francisco since 2011?

Speaking of things that are unappetizing, it looks like Newsom and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio are in a race to see who can come up with the most ridiculous way to fight climate change, and California just upped the ante by proposing an additional 1 percent tax on restaurants to pay to fight climate change.

“Presumably.” Hey Gov. Newsom, how’s that eco-friendly $98 billion bullet train coming along? We remember you taking billions from the feds to get that thing up and running.

CBS Sacramento reports:

Changes could be coming to your favorite restaurant thanks to a statewide initiative just being announced Wednesday, called Restore California Renewable Restaurants.

Restaurant owners have the option of charging customers an additional 1% on their bills that would go to help stop climate change. Payments will be gathered by the California Air Resources Board and spent on implementing carbon plans on farms and ranches across California, boosting healthy soil, according to the Perrenial Farming Initiative.

Yeah, that’s what it will be spent on. Sure.


If they’re serving meat, they’re already contributing to climate change, allegedly. And how they’ll atone for all the plastic straws they’re responsible for releasing into the wild we’ll never know.