As Twitchy reported Tuesday, Hillary Clinton was a guest at the TIME 100 event and demonstrated a complete lack of self-awareness by addressing the Mueller report — which cleared the president of charges of colluding with Russia to swing the 2016 election — and claimed that “any other person who had engaged in those acts would certainly have been indicted.

Yeah, don’t you hate it when someone with high-level political connections gets away with obstruction of justice with no consequences at all other than some time hiking in the woods and a participation trophy book tour?

It seems we haven’t heard the last from Clinton — she’s still hung up on 2016, still thinks the Russians helped Donald Trump steal the election, and still thinks she’s going to get away with the part her campaign played in the whole Russia narrative (she probably will, actually). In the Washington Post on Wednesday, she published an op-ed doubling down on her claim that Trump should have been indicted. Guess 500 pages of “What Happened” weren’t enough to air all her grievances.

Hillary, the woods of Chappaqua miss you … can’t you hear the trees calling you back?

And the documents are still being released showing that President Obama knew about all of it while claiming he heard about it on the news.

And since she mentioned it …

Good point … and pass some voter ID laws too.