Democrats have already demonized ICE to the point where they want the agency abolished, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the Border Patrol isn’t their next target. The Border Patrol doesn’t get enough credit for trying to maintain some sense of order when migrants are coming in caravans by the thousands, but hopefully, this story will get people thinking about the way migrant children are used and abused.

“Left by smugglers while with a larger group.” It’s almost as if the human traffickers are the bad guys, and not the Border Patrol or the Trump administration.

NBC News reports:

Rudy Karish, the chief Border Patrol agent in the Rio Grande Valley, said he believes the boy was left by smugglers. Karish said he believes the boy was with a larger group. When the group was encountered by agents, the adults ran away and left the boy alone.

The boy watched movies at the border station and appears to be in good spirits, Karish said.

The incident marks a flashpoint in the rising number of families and children crossing the border in recent months. In March, a total of 8,975 children traveling without their parents, but most often in groups, were apprehended at the southern border. The number of families crossing has also climbed, with 53,077 parents and children crossing the border together last month.

That’s almost 9,000 children traveling without their parents in just one month.

Also in the news today:

Can we call it a crisis at the border yet?