As Twitchy recently reported, Vox founder Ezra Klein was pretty intrigued by presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren’s bold plan to not only offer universal free college but to cancel the student debt of more than 95 percent of student loan holders.

It made perfect sense to Klein: just because things were worse for people in the past is no excuse not to make them better for people in the future. Sure, you took out loans and paid your tuition to attend college, but that doesn’t mean we can’t fix that horrible system.

See, it sounds great!

You just paid off your student loans last week? Sucker! You should have waited until Warren was elected president.

You know, if Elizabeth Warren had turned down that Harvard salary of $430,000, the school probably could have lowered tuition and students would have had fewer student loans. Narrator: She didn’t turn it down.

You’ve heard her insist it will be only the very “tippy-top” of earners who will make all of this possible: universal free college, universal child care, Medicare for All, student loan forgiveness … Jeff Bezos will pay for it all and not even miss the money.

For her sake, let’s hope Ale has picked a better college major than a candidate to work for. Just ask Warren to write a check for your tuition and then advise her to drop out gracefully.


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