This is difficult to say, but Speaker Nancy Pelosi almost seems like a normal adult compared to the rest of the clown show that is the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives. She at least tried to pass a resolution denouncing the anti-Semitic tropes being thrown around repeatedly by Rep. Ilhan Omar, and as we reported, she recently met with U.K. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and allegedly brought up “the necessity of forcefully confronting anti-Semitism.”

If true, good for her, but she must know that any calls for the Labour Party to tone down its anti-Semitism are going nowhere. On Monday, Labour MP Grahame Morris retweeted a video of Israeli soldiers beating up Palestinian children “for the fun of it.”

That’s odd … the original tweet has been deleted. Maybe because it was fake:

Oops! That video’s from Guatemala. Morris is terribly sorry and will now get back to work finding a real video to post.

It’s hard to imagine an elected official getting something so wrong and so biased on social media; well, it used to be, but Omar’s done more than her part.


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