As Twitchy has reported, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer has kicked the Resistance hornets’ nest by telling CNN that, despite (or because of) the release of the Mueller report, “impeachment is not worthwhile at this point,” what with a presidential election scheduled in just 18 months.

That sort of talk is not making hardcore Democrats happy — never mind what the Mueller report says, it was supposed to provide material to impeach President Trump and they want him impeached regardless of if there was collusion with Russia or not. (Narrator: There wasn’t.)

Hillary superfan Peter Daou is among those claiming that impeachment is the only meaningful course of action knowing what we now know.

Whoa — if Democrats (like Steny Hoyer) stand down, they are complicit in the dismantling of our democracy.

Yes, let’s follow up the pre-Mueller report protest march with the post-Mueller report protest march. Remember how many Democrats said they were going to take to the streets to get this done?

It’s true … all of the Democrats in media have unleashed their hottest takes Thursday, but President Trump is not feeling any heat … it’s Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Hoyer who are getting burned on social media.


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