On Tuesday we told you about Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey proposing another bad idea that just might kill off Twitter; “Twitter is looking to change the focus from following specific individuals to topics of interest.” But isn’t following specific individuals the whole point of Twitter?

But wait, there’s more!

Now Twitter is promising to take a more proactive approach to abusive tweets by removing them even before users report harassment.

Ad Age reports:

In fact, Twitter says it only started proactively removing abusive tweets in the past year. Before that it relied on users to report harassment first.

Now, Twitter says it identifies 38 percent of the abusive tweets that get penalized on the platform — before the policy change last year Twitter uncovered zero percent of abusive tweets before first being tipped off.

“People who don’t feel safe on Twitter shouldn’t be burdened to report abuse to us,” Twitter wrote in a blog post Tuesday attributed to Donald Hicks, VP of Twitter service, and David Gasca, senior director of product. “Previously, we only reviewed potentially abusive Tweets if they were reported to us. We know that’s not acceptable, so earlier this year we made it a priority to take a proactive approach to abuse in addition to relying on people’s reports.”

Read that last paragraph keeping in mind that tweeting “Learn to code” was considered targeted harassment of journalists, so we don’t put a lot of faith in Twitter’s ability to determine what constitutes “abuse.”