Just for context, here’s the tweet by Rep. Dan Crenshaw that gave progressives across the nation the vapors and compelled Rep. Ilhan Omar to accuse him of “dangerous incitement,” given all the death threats that she faces:

And we’ve said this before, but just as an aside: CAIR was not founded after 9/11 as Omar claimed in her address (to CAIR), but in 1994, when the big complaint was the depiction of Arab and Muslim terrorists in the movie “True Lies” — hassle star Tom Arnold if you have a problem with that.

But as @neontaster noted, the talking points have gone out, and any mention of Omar describing 9/11 the way she did is Islamophobic and incitement to violence. She must not be criticized.

Former New Republic senior editor and honorary Obama bro Brian Beutler is in high dudgeon and will not allow Crenshaw to shirk his responsibility in inciting violence against Omar.

Narrator: Her words sound exactly as bad in context.

Wow, we all know that Americans wouldn’t stand for an attack premised on an appalling deception — well, for a couple of years, maybe.

How many “incitements to violence” are we up to today?


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