It looks like Joe Biden is going to manage to brush off all the hair-sniffing and neck-nuzzling complaints from those #MeToo types, and he’ll probably jump into the race next week, where he’ll find himself neck-and-neck with Bernie Sanders. Two rich old white men it is!

As Twitchy reported, Sanders recently told an audience that if you write a best-selling book, you can be a millionaire too. As we also reported, liberal ThinkProgress put out a hit video on YouTube called “Bernie’s millionaire problem,” which led an NBC News reporter to admit that the word millionaire does have a “general ickiness” about it.

It turns out Sanders’ millionaire problem is a real thing and it’s following him around on the campaign trail:

And there’s nothing “icky” about the word “millionaire” either. But Sanders is not supposed to be a millionaire socialist with three homes.

If all of those poor Venezuelans wrote bestsellers they wouldn’t be eating out of garbage trucks now, would they?


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