Rep. Eric Swalwell finally kicked off the 2020 presidential run we all knew was coming, and he’s been stumbling around ever since. He’s promised that his campaign will center on “gun safety,” and he’s already proposed that the government under his leadership will “ban and buy back every single assault weapon in this nation,” with the definition of “assault weapon” yet to be hammered out.

He also demonstrated some ignorance of American history by saying “Nope” to the assertion that “We fought a revolution over crap like this,” conveniently blocking out the shot heard ’round the world and the Battles of Lexington and Concord.

And of course, this is the U.S. Representative who said that the government would quickly put down any sort of armed insurrection with nuclear weapons if necessary to confiscate citizen’s guns:

Nothing eases our minds more about the government turning tyrannical that a man who wants to be president playing out a scenario where the government violates citizens’ Second Amendment rights with the threat of a nuclear strike.

Oh, but the guy who said “it would be a short war” against armed citizens is apparently concerned about bloodshed.

Hey, Duke Nukem … if you’re going to be president you’re going to have to face grown-up questions.