We’ve often wondered when a fetus becomes a baby. Sometimes it hits the news early, like, “Kate Middleton is going to have another baby!” Women hold baby showers for fetuses that haven’t passed through the birth canal yet. The common thread seems to be if the woman is happy about being pregnant and wants to have the child, it’s a baby; if the woman didn’t intend to become pregnant and doesn’t want to give birth, it’s a clump of cells or a fetus.

In honor of #NationalUnicornDay, the folks at Choice42 (“choice for two”) put together a video explaining the magical process that happens inside the birth canal that turns a fetus into a living human being … though not even they fully comprehend the magic at work.

Crazy, huh? Too bad we’re at the point where Democratic Senators couldn’t even vote for a bill to provide medical care to a child that had been delivered alive as a result of a botched abortion.

Someday they’ll give a straight answer as to when human life begins.