As Twitchy told you earlier Tuesday, Attorney General William Barr busted the Democrat narrative on Robert Mueller’s report, which is that Barr’s letter summarizing the report and clearing President Trump of any collusion with Russia isn’t telling the whole truth — that’s why they’re demanding the full, unredacted report and all underlying evidence … somewhere in there is something they can use to impeach the president, they just know it.

Barr testified this morning in front of the House Appropriations Committee and testified that he offered to let the Special Counsel’s office review his letter before he released it publicly, and they declined the offer. Not only that — we haven’t seen Mueller’s office rush out any statements to correct Barr, as it did when BuzzFeed released its big bombshell scoop on Michael Cohen that Mueller’s office said was bogus.

Never mind all that: House Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Rep. Nita Lowey says, for her at least, it’s very hard to believe that Barr didn’t run his letter past the White House and let Trump make some edits here and there.

Can we get some tin foil over here for a hat? Why are Democrats doubling-down on the Mueller report’s conclusions? Easy — they’ve invested two years pushing it when they could have been, you know, doing their jobs.

Then they’ll claim that the redactions are covering up Trump’s crimes — which would be odd, seeing as Mueller himself is assisting with the redactions and isn’t likely to hide anything he found in his two-year investigation.