We’re conservatives so we understand we’re the racist ones, but there’s just something that bugs us about liberals and their view of immigration from Mexico. First, rich white liberals like Conan O’Brien support the migrant caravans because these people will do the jobs Americans won’t do while CNN’s Bill Weir assures us that the few who make it in will be picking lettuce, cleaning hotel rooms, or building houses.

So, what, we’re supposed to look at these caravans of “asylum seekers” as nothing more than cheap labor for crummy jobs?

NBC News’ Heidi Przybyla has another take on the “asylum seekers” at the border … old white people need them to pay into their Social Security and Medicare.

We’re going to hazard a guess and suggest that Przybyla might be blurring the line between legal immigrants and illegal immigrants. Because we don’t know anyone trying to block legal immigrants.

So honestly, could you think any less of the people at the border? We need them to landscape our mansions and pay into social services they’ll never use but old white people will.

Note: Anyone who relies wholly on Social Security for their retirement will be destitute.

So … it’s racist to not exploit “brown people” for cheap labor and to extract Social Security payments from them that they’ll never collect?


Here’s a true believer in Przybyla’s theory: