We already went through all of this a year ago: President Trump called MS-13 gang members — not all immigrants — “animals,” and the left tripped over themselves to shame Trump for his dehumanizing language, with Nancy “Late-Term Abortion” Pelosi arguing that calling MS-13 members animals was to overlook their “divine spark.”

But seriously, look how badly and shamefully the New York Times took Trump out of context at the time:

At least the AP was shamed into correcting the record:

Now 2020 also-ran  Mark Elliot has revived the controversy be tweeting that Trump wasn’t referring to MS-13 gang member or even undocumented immigrants … he was referring to “people asking for asylum.” Another 2020 candidate, Pete Buttigieg, helped fuel the fire by tweeting, “You do not refer to human beings as animals. You just don’t.”

This might be a good time to remind Democrats (we know they’re not listening) that a Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll showed that most Americans were perfectly fine with calling MS-13 “animals.”

We haven’t checked in with the entire clown car full of Democratic candidates for president, but Kirsten Gillibrand decided she had to jump in too on this news from last May.


And this concern over MS-13 rapists and murders comes from a woman who considers herself a champion in the fight against sexual assault. Good job, good effort.