It’s done, finally. Robert Mueller submitted his report on his investigation into Russian collusion with the Trump campaign in 2016 and submitted it to Attorney General William Barr. Barr released a four-page letter saying Mueller found no evidence of collusion and there would be no further indictments.

The Resistance had pinned its hopes on the Mueller report for two years, and this called for an emergency response. Obviously, the first step was to discredit Barr and assume he was covering up the substance of the report (which of course found … something). Rep. Jerry Nadler filed to subpoena the unredacted report. Protesters gathered across the country Thursday night to demand the release of the report. They just know there’s something in there that will take down Trump.

So it’s utterly irresponsible for Sen. Ron Wyden to suggest that the longer the report goes unreleased, the more likely it is there’s a cover-up.

Does he know that 1) the report is going to be released once it’s been redacted, and 2) Robert Mueller himself is assisting with the redactions? The guy who spent two years investigating is in on the cover-up?

These clowns just will not give it up. Hillary lost. Repeat: Hillary lost.

They’re right, though … the report will be released, as promised, with redactions — and then they’ll claim all the redactions are hiding Trump’s obstruction of justice. Then they’ll release the full, unredacted report and they’ll accuse Mueller of being a Russian agent. They can’t ever let this die, they’re so invested in it.