First: if you remember, Parkland survivor David Hogg took a year off to try to energize and register young people to vote, but then he was accepted to Harvard — they must have been impressed with his organization of the March for Our Lives and his thoughtful and considered tweets about gun control, like this one:

He’s still the NRA’s biggest nightmare (not), and on Tuesday he shared a bizarre analogy:

Are we even sure he knows for certain that the NRA does not sell guns? It’s a civil rights group focused on the Second Amendment. The thing about big tobacco is, they actually sold tobacco.

Besides, we’d love for Hogg to share his breakdown of all violent acts in America last year and tell us how many were traced to NRA members.

Hey, speaking of Harvard, guess who else was recently accepted? Another Parkland survivor who fights for school safety while protecting Second Amendment rights:

If would be fun if the two had a debate class together.