If Joe Biden’s Hail Mary pass in the form of that video explaining his “tactile politics” with women is his way of saying he’s not getting out of the 2020 race for president no matter how many women come forward with stories of him sniffing their hair and whispering in their ears, then Bernie Sanders still has some work to do.

It’s odd: for a party that complains nonstop about “rich old white men” controlling everything, poll after poll of Democrat voters places Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders neck-and-neck at the top. Sanders, of course, is the full-blown socialist, and Biden … well, aside from the groping, Biden actually appears to be the most moderate of all the Democrats running.

It’s not as though Sanders has to pivot to the left if Biden enters the race; he’s done that long ago and frankly couldn’t get much further left if he tried.

So it’s great that there’s a new representative who manages to nail Sanders on every tweet he sends out.

You wanted an explanation, you’ve got it.