ESPN’s Keith Olbermann apologized — in a really canned way — for naming a “pea-brained scumbag” hunter who shot a white turkey and calling on his followers “to make sure the rest of his life is a living hell.” Olbermann’s apology, however, totally overlooked the “nitwit clown” of a reporter whom he said should be fired for writing the story.

Plus, sports expert Olbermann somehow thought shooting a turkey during turkey season qualified as “trophy hunting.”

That was a week ago, but Salena Zito has written her reaction to the incident in the Washington Examiner, and she’s calling out Olbermann for being just another media elitist.

Zito writes:

Brian Broom, the reporter, engaged in the basic procedures of his own trade. “I had contacted Hunter Waltman after I saw posts on Facebook, interviewed him and he sent me photos. I found some biologists who were quite familiar with turkeys and got their opinions on it, and packaged it all together and put it out here.”

“It had quite a bit of success according to our metrics, then it started slowing down as you would guess, then Tuesday morning someone in our office had noticed that all of a sudden it had more and more concurrent views. We found that it was coming from a tweet.”

His immediate reaction was big traffic meant a lot of readers. That turned swiftly into deep concern for Hunter Waltman when he saw the threat.

So why does Olbermann get away with making bigoted stereotypes of hunters and reporters from Mississippi and threaten them on social media? Why are ESPN and Twitter fine with that? Probably because the people who sit in the boardrooms of ESPN and Twitter think Olbermann’s assessment of Mississippians is basically true.

As a side note, consider that most of the Democrats running for president want to abolish the Electoral College, essentially ensuring that Mississippians will have surrendered their voice to a handful of large urban centers.