Did we say in the headline that Joe Biden touched a woman inappropriately? We shouldn’t have done that; after all, it’s just his “affectionate, physical style” with women sends the wrong message sometimes.

Scratch that; we were told that if it makes the woman on the receiving end uncomfortable, then it’s harassment, whether intended or not — the woman decides. And now, the same day a second woman came forward accusing Biden of appropriate touching comes this story:

Lucy Flores is the woman who initially accused Biden in The Cut of sniffing her hair and kissing the back of her neck at a Democratic event.

We’ve seen the videos; we’re sure Biden has made plenty of women uncomfortable in his time. How many will come forward is the question.

Huh, so Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh can “outright rape women”? Good work smearing Kavanaugh, Senate Democrats.

Biden does a lot of “comforting.” The best part is, now that he’s woke, he’s going to have to say he believes all of the women who accuse him and just say he remembers things differently.