It was obvious from his tweets that Jussie Smollett had a raging case of Trump Derangement Syndrome — severe enough, in fact, to drive an unbalanced person to fake a hate crime by Donald Trump supporters yelling, “This is MAGA country!”

But Andy Ngo has done us all a favor and dug up Smollett’s self-directed 2017 music video, which doesn’t have fake Trump supporters but does have a fake Trump starring as the cause of all that is wrong in America, right down to our segregated drinking fountains.

The tweets made us wonder, and this video makes us wonder even more. Smollett seems to have some sort of persecution/messiah complex going on where he’s the oppressed but also the one bound to save us all from racism and homophobia.

The guy certainly seemed compelled to do something to oppose the Trump administration, no matter how cringe-worthy or, dare we say, fake.