We’ve joked before about how freshmen congresswomen like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez find time to tweet between photo shoots: Ocasio-Cortez just appeared on the cover of TIME, where she tweeted to thank the photographer and makeup artist for getting her skin tone right. She’s also appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone recently, and was on the cover of Vanity Fair last year. And then there was that time she was “slaying lewks” in Interview magazine.

Rep. Ilhan Omar has been getting the star treatment as well and appears on the cover of Vogue Arabia. She tweeted a link to the story and added her own excerpt about her feelings about the hijab:

Look, we’re going to be honest. If a woman chooses to wear a hijab, that’s fine with us. After the Christchurch massacre, you probably saw photos of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern wearing a hijab, and other women donned the headscarf too in solidarity with the victims.

We’re also being honest when we say that it’s tough for us to see the hijab as a symbol of liberation and power when so many women in the world are forced to wear it. U.S. media like CNN have tried to make the case that the hijab is a feminist statement of some sort, but we’re just not buying that.

If anything, Omar’s hijab, in particular, has been a symbol of power: no one in Congress seems to have the balls to criticize her as long as she’s wearing it — that watered-down resolution that started out as a statement against anti-Semitism is proof of that.

Now that’s good sarcasm.

Good question.

Hmm… Omar stuck with Iran and its position on the Maduro regime in Venezuela; we’re not so sure she’d be quick to criticize Iran in this case.

Democrats sure didn’t waste any time adding an exemption for religious headwear once Omar was elected; she’s not wrong when she says it gives her power.

* * *


Iranian activist Masih Alinejad caught Omar’s profile in Vogue: