OK, we’ve done like four posts already on this Joe Biden hair-sniffing thing, but in case you missed it, Nevada Democrat Lucy Flores — a very active Bernie Sanders supporter — published a piece in The Cut accusing Biden of sniffing her hair and kissing her on the back of the neck, making her very uncomfortable.

Was this some oppo research designed to boost Sanders’ chances against Biden, who’s just ahead of him in most Democratic polls? Or is Elizabeth Warren just taking advantage and cementing her “Believe Women” credentials at the same time?

Joe Biden did give an answer; he says he doesn’t recall the incident but he encourages Flores to share her story, ’cause he’s all woke now.

Shockingly (not), Warren deciding to weigh in on the great hair-sniffing controversy didn’t really win her a lot of votes from Democrats.

We knew it was coming, and we’re here for it.

No, it’s important for all Democratic candidates to weigh in on this important controversy.

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Julian Castro, who is running for president, also believes women: