We have a feeling that we could do a post on everything that Sean McElwee publishes, but we’re still astounded that anyone publishes Sean McElwee.

When Philip Klein explained in a Washington Examiner piece that implementing the Green New Deal would require a revolution — as in, a literal revolution toppling the existing structure of the U.S. government and abolishing the Senate — McElwee was there for it.

So it’s interesting to see him argue in the New York Times that the Green New Deal isn’t as toxic as President Trumps says — although it was toxic enough that not one Democratic senator voted for it Tuesday.

“Republicans may come to regret their mockery.” And speaking of mockery, here’s some well-placed mockery:

If you’d like an even dumber opinion, enjoy Sen. Mazie Hirono trying to explain why not even the co-sponsors of the Green New Deal would vote for it.