We’ve already had a lot of laughs at CNN’s expense today — Chris Cillizza is seriously asking who handed celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti his “flash-in-the-pan” celebrity status after CNN had him on 74 times in a two-month period?

As Twitchy reported, Avenatti is being charged with extortion among other things, and surprise, surprise, his unnamed co-conspirator just happened to be CNN legal analyst Mark Geragos. CNN says Geragos has been let go, but we wanted to hear it from reliable source Brian Stelter just to be sure.

He was just moonlighting, but he’s not anymore.

Stelter thought he might even be president.

According to the @ReliableSources Twitter feed, Avenatti made the cut at least twice, if not more. He’s Stelter asking Avenatti about his strategy for his 2020 run for president: