Hmm… the last time we checked on CNN’s Jim Acosta, he was passing on a story he was told by an anonymous former aide to Sen. John McCain that President Trump lied when he claimed McCain had misled the White House and said he was going to support the effort to repeal and replace Obamacare before changing his mind and becoming the deciding vote in keeping the ACA in place.

A lot of Arizona voters who clearly recall McCain campaigning on a platform of repealing Obamacare wondered just who this anonymous former aide was, exactly. Acosta couldn’t name his source, but he thought it was important to put the story out there, you know?

Now Acosta is yet again relying on an anonymous Trump adviser who tells him Trump will overreach during his victory lap on the Mueller report. This same unnamed, unidentified adviser said the same thing always happens.

Care to name your source for all the anti-Trump innuendo you put out on social media for a change?

Good question:

They had practically declared him guilty two years ago and were just waiting for the proof to show up.