As Twitchy reported earlier Saturday, Resistance leader and children’s book author Brian Krassenstein is denying that his tweets about Donald Trump Jr. going to prison haven’t aged well. In fact, he had even promised to delete his account if the president’s son weren’t indicted:

He’s reneged on that promise, saying that it’s Twitter, “not a courtroom, a boardroom or international peace talks,” so there’s really no controlling legal authority to deal with his backtracking. He also noted that he’d received “nearly 500 disgusting DMs in the last 8 hours,” which we don’t condone (and don’t really believe either).

But now that the Democrats are turning on Robert Mueller — Rep. Adam Schiff Schiff is already preparing to subpoena people over the Mueller probe, and MSNBC’s Joy Reid smells a cover-up — we thought it might be time to revisit Krassenstein’s book as well, which ends with a panoramic illustration of “Robert Moral” dressed like a Chippendale’s dancer.

Thank goodness President Trump had a strong and moral man to clear him of charges of conspiring with the Russians to steal the 2016 election!

We’re just wondering if the next edition of “How The People Trumped Ronald Plump” with feature an alternate ending.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.