It’s been a running joke on this site to make up some ridiculous number whenever describing how many Democrats are running for the nomination in 2020. But we’re going to have to start bumping those joke numbers up as the field really does become ridiculously large. We’re all for it: the more candidates to segment the Democrats into little camps (e.g., the Bernie Bros) and pit them against each other, the better.

At this point, not even Joe Biden’s not-very-secret entrance onto the scene with Stacey Abrams in tow is going to seem like a big deal.

So join us in welcoming Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, who is apparently going to take on his own state’s governor in the run for president.

Whatever. We’re really going to enjoy when Donald Trump sweeps the national popular vote and Colorado has to pledge all its electoral votes to him.

So far.

Thanks for this, because we’d quite honestly lost track: