As Twitchy reported earlier Tuesday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez found another race-based problem that must be addressed, somehow: only seven black students were offered admission to the prestigious Stuyvesant High School out of 895 available slots in the freshman class. Ocasio-Cortez noted that 68 percent of all New York City public high school students are black and Latino, so what’s up?

As plenty were quick to point out, it’s not as though Stuyvesant doesn’t admit minorities; more than 70 percent of Stuyvesant’s students are Asian-American, and only around 20 percent are white. And yet The New York Times Maggie Haberman made it a point to mention that white students have more means to prep for the admission test.

It’s not tricky, then, is it? Everyone takes the same test to see if they can handle the academic rigors of Stuyvesant. But those white kids still have the upper hand.

Why have Ocasio-Cortez and Haberman just ignored Asian-American students completely, even though they make up the majority of students?

And don’t forget; all of this follows a lawsuit alleging Harvard consistently rated Asian-American applicants lower than any other race on personal traits, presumably as an excuse not to admit so many with higher test scores.

Good point … maybe celebrate their achievement and let them inspire others?

This might sound crazy, but shouldn’t “test prep” for a school like Stuyvesant be attendance at one of New York’s public elementary or middle schools? Or do we not want to bring teachers unions into this?