The Cut is a child in the New York Magazine family, and it’s probably worth noting that the writers know what they’re doing here is ridiculous, though we wouldn’t trust either CNN or MSNBC to pull off the same trick.

In any case, it’s disturbingly close to real-life following last week’s Annie Leibovitz spread of O’Rourke (and his poor dog) in Vanity Fair. We know that Democrats nationwide were swooning over the idea of someone taking Ted Cruz’s Senate seat, but are they just plain swooning now?

He’s not wrong. If O’Rourke has any chance of winning the nomination, he’s going to have to keep playing up that “Kennedyesque” factor. He’s young and supposedly handsome.

Here’s another excerpt from The Cut’s chat:

Anna Silman, senior culture writer: He is hot for sure.

Hayley Schueneman, beauty writer: Sorry, Anna. That’s wrong. “Floppy” is the adjective I would use to best describe him.

Izzy: I have spent my entire life being attracted to skinny indie rock guys and it’s really weird to see one run for president. I can’t tell if I’m horny for him or just horny for the opportunity to make Fugazi jokes in the year 2019.

Sarah Spellings, fashion news writer: He’d look better if he dyed his hair darker. But he’s hot.

What are the chances O’Rourke dyes his hair darker tomorrow?