Donald Trump’s election was certainly unexpected by anyone following the polls, and Hillary Clinton devotees immediately began scrambling to find a way to undo the result of the election. The Resistance quickly questioned Trump’s mental state and asked whether he could be removed from office under the 25th Amendment.

That’s gotten a lot of play in the media and among activist celebrities; Rob Reiner probably got things rolling even before the election, questioning Trump’s mental state in August 2016. Joe Scarborough suddenly diagnosed Trump with mental illness in June of 2017. CNN’s Brian Stelter kept the question alive on his network, doing a thorough tweet-by-tweet analysis of the president’s tweets and coming away deeply concerned.

You’ve probably forgotten this, but in October 2017, 125 mental health professionals under the banner “Duty to Warn” marched to demand that Trump be removed from office over his mental state; they even made a mini-documentary to prove their case.

So we’d like to welcome Bill Kristol to the party, although he’s probably already suggested Trump is mentally incapacitated, but the president’s tweets Sunday really have him wondering.

You know what? The MAGA crowd and #NeverTrump can fight all day on Twitter, but conservatives have seen results from this administration — enough so that Democrats are suggesting they’ll pack the Supreme Court if elected in 2020 and eliminate the Electoral College.

Maybe … some people like Trump and what he’s doing and don’t see any signs of mental incapacitation?

Kristol certainly has the Democrats’ attention; will he come to their aid?

Sounds like a lot of people agreeing with Kristol are talking about “they” and “them,” not Donald Trump. So are we really going to do this thing where media primadonnas like Jim Acosta suddenly show concern for the legacy of Mitt Romney, John McCain, and the Bushes? Because the GOP candidates you said had anger issues or daddy issues or were too dumb to serve you all seem to like just fine now.

Seriously, when it comes down to Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump, you’re going to vote for the socialist to save conservatism?

Now if you want to talk about crazy tweets, we have a few young Democrats we’d like to introduce you to.