What would they call the male version of “The Handmaid’s Tale,” and what are men going to wear to protests in Georgia?

Men will have to figure it out soon if Georgia House of Representatives member Darshun Kendrick manages to pass her “testicular bill of rights,” written as a counterpoint to Georgia’s HB 481, the “heartbeat bill.” It’s certainly … something.

We especially like making it an aggravated assault to have sex without a condom. What if your partner is on the pill, or has an IUD, or is post-menopausal? What if your partner is another man?

We’ve said it before: it would be great if men could step up and buy a box of condoms if they don’t want a child, but doesn’t the woman have some agency in that department? Can’t she say no, or does she require a state law to say it for her?

Anyway, this is cute and all, but keep in mind how closely it follows legislation that allows abortion right up to 40 weeks as well as Senate Democrats voting against the Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act.