As Twitchy reported, progressive watchdog Media Matters dug through years-old tapes of shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge’s radio show and found guest Tucker Carlson using some vulgar language, and that caused them to go full activist and arrange a protest outside Fox News headquarters in Manhattan.

The idea of holding the protest Wednesday is to scare away advertisers, as Fox News is negotiating “upfronts,” or ad sales for the coming year. Will advertisers be deterred or will they stick with the highest rated prime time program on cable news?

Media Matters got a boost in its call for protesters from the Obama bros themselves on Monday:

John Cooper, chairman of the Democratic Coalition, and co-founder Scott Dworkin reported this morning that the protest would be large:

Well, it was kind of large. It managed to draw approximately 150 people, which is bigger than the mob that harassed Carlson’s wife at their home. The Wrap was there to cover it; we’re not sure where Brian Stelter parked CNN’s van. It looks like it was mostly up to the protesters to cover their own protest.

“Right-wing media go away” — yeah, all they want is an apology from Tucker Carlson. That’s all.

Is this even 150 people? New York City’s a small town, so they’ve probably never seen this many people together all at once, except maybe waiting at a traffic light to cross the street.

Somebody went to the trouble to print up signs for those who aren’t that clever with posterboard and a Sharpie.

“Don’t be a sucker for Tucker” — classic.

That’s a great shot of the chick from the Lady Parts Justice League in her Planned Parenthood hat. Let’s let her decide who’s allowed to speak.

That’s a good one … did you notice how she managed to work #DropFox and the Free Press Action Fund into the same tweet?

We’re not sure if this big protest will make CNN, but Brian Stelter did give Media Matters a shout-out Tuesday:

Tune in tonight to see if the protesters managed to convince Fox News to drop Tucker Carlson if not shut down entirely.

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Yeah, why would advertisers want to hitch their wagon to Tucker Carlson anyway?


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