We’d drag out the breaking news banner and rush this out if we thought it was actually news to anyone paying even the slightest attention: Beto O’Rourke is running for president in 2020. Guess he finally found himself on that road trip.

As Twitchy reported, Vanity Fair teed-up O’Rourke’s campaign with a fawning cover story and Annie Leibovitz photo shoot, but Logan Dobson has posted a great thread compiling some of the media’s greatest hits when it comes to covering the guy who lost to Ted Cruz.

Speaking of sweating, we’re just going to interject here with Vanity Fair’s previous profile of O’Rourke, confirming that yes, he does sweat a lot.

In case you missed it, David Rutz put together a list of all the essential bullet points that had to be in any O’Rourke profile: He’s like a Kennedy! He sweats! He was in a punk band! He’s a longshot! He’s charismatic!

There’s that “Kennedyesque” we were waiting for.

Can you believe all of this ink about a guy who couldn’t decide if he should run for president so he just got in his car and drove around while keeping a dopey travel blog?

The candidate liberals are swooning over? You don’t say.