Senator, fake Native American, and 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren was on the warpath Monday night after Facebook took down selected ads of hers — specifically, ads calling for the breakup of “monopolies” like Facebook.

Warren, who purchased ad space on the very monopoly she thinks should be broken up, claimed that Facebook was censoring her ideas. Facebook quickly restored the ads, although it said the issue was Warren’s unauthorized use of Facebook’s logo in an advertisement.

So in reality, Warren’s ads on the very platform she claims is too big violated Facebook’s policies, but they restored them anyway “in the interest of allowing robust debate.” So in the end, Warren got her ads and the right to claim her ideas were being censored by one of the tech giants, along with Google and Amazon, she thinks needs to be broken up by the government.

Sadly, Sen. Ted Cruz backed up Warren on her censorship claim.

So is Cruz also advocating for the breakup of Facebook, Google, and Amazon, or is he just opposed to the censorship of ideas on social media? Because if the latter’s the case, he should have spoken up long ago. Does he know you can still be suspended by Twitter just by saying “learn to code” in any context because it’s considered targeted harassment?

Thank you.

Considering how many of them probably use Facebook, it’s amazing how many commenters really want the government to either break up Facebook or regulate its content.