2020 hopeful Bernie Sanders is an Independent and a senator, so he’s likely exempt from that House resolution denouncing hate speech of every stripe, including anti-Semitic slurs. Still, he might want to be a little more careful about who he hires onto his campaign.

POLITICO reports Tuesday that Sanders’ national deputy press secretary, Belén Sisa, deleted a Facebook post and apologized after she was confronted about her post questioning American Jews’ “dual allegiance” to the United States and Israel.

POLITICO reports:

A spokeswoman for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign apologized Tuesday after questioning whether the “American Jewish community has a dual allegiance to the state of Israel” — a comment condemned by Jewish leaders across the political spectrum as having anti-Semitic overtones.

Sisa posed the question Sunday during a discussion in a Facebook thread in which she said that, like Sanders, she stood with Rep. Ilhan Omar. She deleted the post after POLITICO began asking about it.

There sure are a lot of politicians willing to throw themselves under the bus to protect freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar, whom they hope will grow and change. Guess what? She’s not going to grow or change. She’s nearly 40 and the Democrats treat her like an infant.

We knew we recognized that name from somewhere. She’s the illegal immigrant currently protected from deportation by Barack Obama’s DACA program. What a great hire.