Honest question: Is “gender confirmation surgery” what they’re calling it now? Because we’re old enough to remember when it was just called a “sex-change operation.”

In any case, a federal judge has ruled that prison officials can’t delay an inmate’s gender confirmation surgery while they appeal a ruling requiring them to provide the surgery.

The Associated Press reports:

U.S. District Judge B. Lynn Winmill made the order Monday, saying he believed the Idaho Department of Correction’s appeal in the case was likely to fail and that delaying Adree Edmo’s surgery could cause her great harm. The ruling means the original June 13 deadline for providing the surgery remains in place.

Winmill ruled in December that the state’s denial of the surgery amounted to cruel and unusual punishment in violation of the Eighth Amendment, and said Edmo proved she had a serious medical need and failure to treat it would result in significant injury or unnecessary pain.

The state began the appeal process a short time later, with state officials noting that the prison’s own medical professionals say surgery would be the wrong treatment for Edmo’s condition and that the state shouldn’t be obligated to provide a surgery to an inmate that many privately insured Idahoans can’t get covered.

So the prison is being required to provide surgery that the inmate likely couldn’t afford outside of prison.

Oh yeah, Edmo “has been continually housed in a men’s prison since her conviction of sexual abuse of a child in 2012.”

Dr. Daniel Grossman, a clinical and public health researcher on abortion and contraception, kicked things up a notch by stating that the surgery was a human right.

From KIDK in Idaho Falls:

Brady Summers dated Mason Edmo, now Adree Edmo, for two years. It was his first relationship since coming out. It did not end well.

“He would beat me on a constant basis,” Summers said. “I had to keep my head low. I had to be careful what I said, careful what I did. And the final straw of me escaping that was him beating me with a frying pan.”

Edmo went to jail, but tried to reconcile with Summers when he got out. It also did not end well. Not long after that, Edmo was in prison for sexual abuse of a child under the age of 16.

We’ll stick with Adree, since Twitter might ban us for “deadnaming” her.