If you read Twitchy regularly, you’re aware that not every staffer voted for Donald Trump in 2016; some did, some didn’t. We’re pretty sure no one voted for Hillary, though.

So we can see an opening for a publication that separates conservatism from President Trump himself. What we don’t understand is “conservatives” like Max Boot arguing that the only way to save conservatism is to vote a straight Democratic ticket in hopes that Democrats would win back control of the House and Senate.

Which brings us to The Bulwark, which claims to be conserving conservatism by, for example, sending correspondent Molly Jong-Fast to CPAC to report on “extremely scary” pro-life panels with “very very very very anti-choice” hosts and make lame jokes about cancer patients.

Now Bulwark editor-in-chief Charlie Sykes is owning the cons by posting a selfie of Dan Bongino and Cindy Yang, who up until 2013 owned the Orchids of Asia Day Spa where New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was arrested recently for allegedly soliciting prostitution.

Yes, that Dan Bognino really is something. And Dan Bongino is even worse.

Don’t you have to post a snarky tweet about the president and first lady at a memorial for tornado victims or something?

And this is important because … she accused him of groping her during the photo, like Al Franken?

What makes this all so frustrating is there’s very much a place for something like The Bulwark, except not The Bulwark. That brand has been ruined already.

Yeah, this is just a bad look. Sad.

In case anyone at The Bulwark has missed it, the Democrat Party has gone full-blown socialist — maybe expend some energy tackling that problem?