We’ve laid out the timeline before, but we’ll go over it again quickly. The Democrats and the media declare Ilan Omar one of the “superstar” freshmen in Congress and quickly find out that doesn’t mean she’s going to stop saying all of those anti-Semitic things she was saying before she was elected.

It was so bad that even Speaker Nancy Pelosi knew the party had to do something, so they came up with a resolution denouncing anti-Semitism, without naming Omar. But they couldn’t just pass that; they had to rewrite it to include every aggrieved group they could imagine. By the end of it, Omar voted for what should have been a resolution censuring her by name and was rewarded with hugs.

And as we reported, the media was spinning the vote before it was even tallied, watching in awe as a handful of Republicans voted against it, knowing it was just a sham to make the Omar mess go away.

So here are two competing hot takes, one from “conservative” blogger Jennifer Rubin and the second from Jonathan Chait.

Here’s Chait:

What the hell is an “anti-hate resolution” and why would such a thing even exist? Like we said, to make the Omar mess go away.

And here’s Rubin, who surprisingly didn’t declare a shining victory for the Democrats:


Just for the record, here’s a repost of the Republicans who didn’t feel like providing cover for Omar’s anti-Semitism: