If you remember, charges of anti-Semitism in the Women’s March compelled even far-left progressive activists like Alyssa Milano to bow out of the 2019 Women’s March, at which Linda Sarsour got a big cheer from the crowd for her call for a boycott of Israel. And the Women’s March leadership just can’t bring itself to denounce rabid anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan.

He’s a shocking bit of video from Breitbart News showing the Women’s March’s Linda Sarsour, who is good pals with the “superstar” freshmen in Congress, continually ignoring the question if she believes Israel has a right to exist.

Well, you know, you have to alert your readership if you ever cover a story that broke on conservative media, so they know to take it with a grain of salt.

Why are Democrats letting this happen in the United States of America? Just pass a damn resolution condemning anti-Semitism already.

Oh, and since we’re using the photo of Sarsour with Ilhan Omar as the featured graphic for this piece, we’ll just post her buddying up with Rashida Tlaib here: