We’ll admit that journalist Laura Loomer is a little, um, unconventional, but she’s a difficult case; sure, she literally handcuffed herself to the front door of Twitter headquarters after her account was permanently suspended; later, though, we learned that CAIR National had lobbied for her ban from the platform, while Rep. Ilhan Omar, a sitting congresswoman, is treated like a child who just doesn’t know she keeps tweeting things that are anti-Semitic.

Now Laura Loomer has found herself banned from CPAC, or at least had her media credentials stripped. The Wrap reports that Loomer on Friday heckled CNN hall monitor Oliver Darcy in the media room about internet censorship and social media bans … his dogged pursuit of which has troubled us as well (and gotten us blocked by Darcy).

Word is she wasn’t banned, necessarily; she was just downgraded from journalist to activist and told she’d have to buy a ticket to get in.

The Daily Beast notes that this means Loomer has been banned from everything from CPAC to … Uber Eats.

Not an invalid point:

Apparently, the one social media outlet that hasn’t yet banned her is YouTube, where she posted video of herself trying to talk her way into CPAC for the president’s speech.