We’ve done posts on this before, but 1) we still can’t believe Twitter actually considers this of all things “targeted harassment,” and 2) Twitter is still suspending users who tell journalists to learn to code, a phrase which came up a lot when BuzzFeed, HuffPost, and Gannett all laid off staff.

Journalists had no problem telling coal miners they should learn to code when both President Obama and candidate Hillary Clinton said they were going to put coal companies out of business, but hundreds of journalists get laid off, and it’s strictly hands-off.

Which brings us to Twitchy favorite Sunny Right, who says Twitter limited his account after he told The Daily Beast’s Will Sommers to learn to code.

So that’s crossing the line in Twitter’s eyes. OK. By the way, that pastry chef works at Mar-a-Lago and has — gasp! — used the #QAnon hashtag, so of course, she had to be outed by the media over her Instagram posts. If you’re an illegal immigrant who used fake documents to get hired at a Trump property you’re a hero to the media, but trafficking in conspiracy theories will not go overlooked.

Yes, Caleb Hull posting a photo of public figure Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a public place is creepy, but literally chasing Republicans out of restaurants is political activism, not targeted harassment.

Honestly … Twitter is still considering “learn to code” targeted harassment of journalists? Has anyone at Twitter ever looked at Dana Loesch’s timeline for one day? That’s harassment.

And journalists are complaining because they think they’re the ones being targeted?