Daniel Dale is the Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star and if you follow his Twitter feed it’s no stretch to say his liberal bias is on full display every day on social media.

So it’s not surprising that he’s trying to dunk on the speakers at CPAC, and he thought Fox News host Laura Ingraham contradicted herself here or something. His followers are eating it up but judge for yourselves.


Voting to provide medical care to a newborn child who survived a botched abortion sounds like an act of optimism to us; voting to block medical attention to that same newborn so that it dies unattended on a table is supporting infanticide. Sorry if that makes Democrats look heartless, but that’s just the way it is.

So Democrats think that they can vote in favor of infanticide and consider themselves the party of happiness?

Guys, your superstar congresswoman says the earth has 12 years left, your representatives refused to applaud record low unemployment numbers at the State of the Union address, your man Jussie Smollett just allegedly had to stage a fake hate crime so he could blame Trump supporters for attacking a gay black man … and you literally used Facebook to arrange meet-ups to scream at the sky on the anniversary of Trump’s election. But you’re the party of happiness and optimism?