As did 43 of her Democratic colleagues in the Senate on Monday, 2020 candidate Kamala Harris voted against the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which would mandate that a newborn who survived a botched abortion attempt be given the same medical treatment afforded to any baby, rather than be left on a table to die. It’s infanticide — there’s really no other way to put it.

On Tuesday, 2020 Harris revealed her REUNITE Act, which would address the “human rights violation” of separating illegal immigrant families at the border.

LifeNews told Harris to spare them the lecture on human rights violation right after voted to allow newborn infants to be denied life-saving medical attention.

Remember when TIME slammed President Trump on its “Welcome to America” cover by having him looking down dispassionately at a crying child who had been separated from her mother — except the child was never separated from her mother; the photo was taken while the child was put down for a minute so a Border Patrol agent could pat down her mother. Way to throw fuel on the fire, TIME.

But let’s see how TIME covered the Born Alive vote … well, we’re searching their site but not finding anything about it. Huh.