No pun intended: the triggering event here was the posting of a new video by NRATV taking on the City of San Jose and its plan to video and audio record every firearm purchase, ban home gun sales and require a license for the sale, transfer, or advertisement within the city of concealable firearms and ammunition. Gun retailers would also have to post signs in their windows giving information about domestic violence and suicide prevention.

Mayor Sam Liccardo saw his Twitter handle tagged and offered up this witty rejoinder:

Before we get to Dana Loesch schooling him, can we ask why mayors of cities with gun violence problems always pull out the stats as though they’re proud of them? They’re kind of shameless about doing that.

OK, now Loesch:

A sanctuary city policy means you’ve already chosen to ignore lawbreakers; why not enforce some of the laws on the books first just to see how it goes?

Mayor Liccardo has an open invitation to appear on Loesch’s show and explain how his program would reduce gun crime: