One thing we still haven’t pinned down: who exactly decided that $15 an hour was a “living wage” and the target for legislating a national minimum wage? Was there some study we missed? Wouldn’t $20 an hour be better, since the cost to the employer doesn’t seem to be relevant in this discussion?

In its Sunday magazine, the New York Times will explain how a $15 an hour minimum wage will literally save lives.

You don’t have to worry about saving children from neglect if Elizabeth Warren’s elected; she’ll enact Universal Child Care so no mom ever has to stay home and raise her own children ever again. Mom can work her $15 an hour job and pay the person watching her child the minimum of $15 an hour.

And if you’re not a union member who worked your way up to $15 an hour, won’t you be glad when all the people who didn’t put in the time and effort you did suddenly make as much as you do?

Hey, check out this cheapskate who doesn’t want to pay $200 an hour: