When people watch MSNBC, they have expectations that their liberal biases are going to be validated. And even though Tulsi Gabbard, Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, and Kamala Harris have already officially declared their candidacies for 2020, on Wednesday MSNBC decided to give some attention to “2020 Democrats to Watch.”

It didn’t take long for MSNBC viewers to ascertain that all 15 pictured were white men.

Why is MSNBC so hung up on pleasing the white male patriarchy?

What’s wrong with this picture is they’re all horrible candidates, only three of them even have a chance of making it through the primaries (unless Eric Swalwell brings out his legit nukes), and Sen. Sherrod Brown is pictured twice. Was there something else?

So why no women, and no Cory Booker and no Julian Castro and no Pete Buttigieg?

If that tweet from Connie Schultz made you a little queasy, remember that she left her post at the Cleveland Plain Dealer so she could date candidate Brown without a conflict of interest, so yeah, they’re hubby and wife.

What can we say? Should these potential candidates get a feel for the room and realize Democrats are going to be really, really hostile to any white man who tries to keep a woman out of office after Hillary was robbed?

People can complain about MSNBC’s graphic all they want, but poll after poll after poll shows Democrats want Joe Biden more than anyone, followed by Bernie Sanders and then maybe Beto O’Rourke.

But as Scott Adams claimed, maybe the media has already settled on Kamala Harristhey’re certainly enjoying helping her pick out her clothes.