Netflix headquarters in Los Angeles went into lockdown Thursday afternoon after a man with a deadly weapon was reported somewhere around the building.

A man with a gun is reportedly in custody, but police say there was no active shooting.

“No one was at or near Netflix with a gun.” However, someone tipped off the LAPD “about a potential law enforcement incident.”

Deadline Hollywood reports:

Tense situation at Netflix headquarters. Sources close to the situation said no one can get in or out, and word is a person with a deadly weapon is the reason the building has been locked down.

KTLA-TV, which is right nearby the Sunset Bronson Studio, just went up with a report. The word we are getting is that there is a report of an active shooter on a nearby rooftop, and security smartly locked it down. Awaiting clarity, but haven’t heard back from Netflix with anything official yet.

In an update, Deadline Hollywood added that an alleged gun carrying suspect had been arrested.


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