Imagine living in Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s district and thinking you just didn’t see her enough on cable TV or on social media — what she really needed was a giant mural on the Lower East Side that Gothamist says “kinda sorta looks like her.”

It’s … breathtaking.

Gothamist reports that there are mixed reactions to the 10-by-8-foot painting by artist Lexi Bella.

Passersby had a range of reactions to the mural. Fabian from New Jersey told Gothamist that, “She hasn’t really done anything yet” to warrant her own mural. One woman speeding by shouted, “AOC!” with a raised fist. Another person named Bridget said she absolutely deserved the mural because “she’s a wonderful local hero!” Even Ted from the Lower East Side had to agree: “Yeah, that’s AOC. She’s probably the stupidest person in Congress, so I don’t know whether she deserves a mural but people should know who she is.”

The giant painting is actually pretty representative of how Ocasio-Cortez wants to oversee every aspect of American citizens’ lives with her Green New Deal. But what’s the mural doing on a wall? Walls are an immorality. And it’s behind a fence, too!

Don’t fret: the Green New Deal will make it so all of those buildings are either renovated or rebuilt to environmental standards.

No, she’s most definitely Alex from the Bronx. Just ask her.