CNN contributor Ana Navarro certainly enjoyed Jake Tapper’s performance this afternoon on CNN:

No, it wasn’t a real control room error — it was just a sly way of deflecting some criticism away from Rep. Ilhan Omar back to President Trump and revealing him as a hypocrite for calling for Omar to resign or at least step down from the Foreign Affairs Committee. Here’s the segment where the control room, for example, puts up the “wrong” graphic — the infamous “sheriff’s star” on a poster of Hillary, for one.

That’s cute and all, but what is CNN’s position on Omar? Tapper, if you’ll remember, was the only CNN personality to go after Louis Farrakhan, his anti-Semitic videos on Twitter, and the presence of the Women’s March’s Tamika Mallory at his events.

Trump’s obviously not going to resign, and Omar says she isn’t going anywhere either, so what’s the end game here? As we said, Navarro wasn’t bright enough to figure out it was a bit, but she did think it was good TV.

Tell yourselves that the outrage over Omar’s tweets and comments is “feigned” if that’s what makes you feel better supporting her.

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In light of the first clip Tapper showed proving Trump’s anti-Semitism, Jordan Schactel of TheBlaze was there: